My Story

I began my Formula One documentary in 1972, a year after picking up that first Nikon. I opened a copy of Road & Track Magazine, and became an instant fan of Rob Walker's story of the 1971 British Grand Prix. I knew that's where I would find my future.

Although underage, I was able to talk my way into full accreditation for the 1972 United States Grand Prix at Watkins Glen through AP connections.

I was immediately swept up in the tangible drama of the pit lane
My Collection

I am reclaiming my soul with this collection of never-before published Grand Prix documentary photography. I believe they offer unique impressions of amazing driver’s and athletes, and moments that changed their lives forever.

"Waiting", my documentary of my personal Golden Age images and memoirs was published in 2018, and nominated to The Telegram's list of Best Sports Book of theYear.