You’ll find those fleeting visual moments of the Golden Age of Formula 1 presented here in my Collection, as men prepared to put everything on the line for their dream of becoming the best racing driver on Earth.

Today, Formula One is immensely safer, but those visual moments are now completely shielded from my style of photo-reportage. The types of photographs I captured in those years are impossible to create now. It's the same for today's loyal fans, who can rarely witness F1's human drama and physical struggle, with all its emotion, patina, and nuance.

I often shut my eyes and remember each driver’s face as they were then; how I studied their eyes and expressions, and how I had the freedom to listen and anticipate.

Those images I recorded taught me so much about the bonds of brotherhood and the fragility of life. I reflect on how much richer Formula One would be now if all these gentlemen had survived those dangerous years; and I cannot get those images out of my mind. 

I am so very happy to offer these true images of those Golden Age heroes.