Canadian Ferrari legend Gilles Villeneuve's intentions were very clear…no politics, no preferential treatment, no pouting… nothing but passion…
every race, every corner, every lap. 

Here, in his first full year with Scuderia Ferrari, Gilles patiently waits for changes to his Ferrari 312T3 before qualifying for the 1978 United States Grand Prix. Mario Andretti’s World Championship-winning “ground effects” Lotus 79 had rocked the entire F1 establishment that season, dominating the track with levels of downforce never experienced or even imagined. 

Villeneuve was immediately ready for the challenge, but his Ferrari chassis was not. He suffered six retirements from engine failures and crashes as he forced his Ferrari above and beyond levels no one else dared in pursuit of the incredible game-changing Lotus. 

Salut Gilles.